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PowderBrows is the most popular machine technique which is aimed at making each beginner successful in this work.

PowderBrows is a special eyebrow shading technique that emphasizes the natural contours of the eyebrows. Unlike the PhiBrows Microblading treatment where hairs are drawn, the PowderBrows technique uses many tiny dots that create a soft, powdered look of the eyebrows.


PowderBrows course is a 2-day workshop that consists theoretical part and practical work on live models. The students get to practice on skin simulation (latex) on the first day and on live models on the second day.


After the live event, students get 6 months access to the CraftMaster App, where they continue to work and practice, until they pass all the levels and get certified.The craft master gives you comprehensive information, lectures, countless minutes of video teaching material and makes it

easy for you to learn the PowderBrows technique step by step!


PowderBrows training includes a starter kit with materials to lasts for up to 30-40 clients, and will serve you both during the training session, as well as in later practice and work.


Bonus Courses

You also get 4 bonus courses, unlimited access – Skin Expert, First Class Service, Hygiene and Get more clients.


Becoming the PowderBrows Artist is your first achievement. Second achievement is becoming a Royal Artist of PowderBrows academy by Branko Babic and possibly a PowderBrows Master one day.

On Completion - Joining PowderBrows you can be certain about your professional progression and development. Will get ABT & CPD certificates, PhiAcademy certificate with your name on it and a personalized logo, listing on the Phi World Map, which shows all certified Artists. 

If you would like to be a part of this unique life changing opportunity and part of my beauty world please email us.


There will be a security deposit required to book a place.


If you would like to be a part of this unique life changing opportunity, please email us.

Spaces are limited.

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