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PhiContour Lips 

Lips are part of the strategy of any woman for seduction. With the help of micropigmentation ( semi-permanent tattoo) for lips, we can offer symmetry, shape and lips colour. The most outstanding Lip Stick Effect can be achieved with full shading pigmentation. These lips provide a breathtaking look. Full Shading Lips is the best technique for color-intensive and full lips with strong character. Of course, the lips could also be shaded in delicate nude tones.

A natural or intensive result can be achieved depending on the prerequisite for the natural pigmentation of the lips, the color selection and the intensity of the shading. Full Shading Lips need a maximum of 4 shading steps to achieve the absolute glamor effect. The outline is precisely defined with an invisible transition to shading. 

Full shading pigmentation is best suited for corrections and neutralizing disharmonies and asymmetries, as well as concealing small scars and color irregularities.

Duration of the procedure 3-4 hours. 
Colour fading up to 40 - 60% 
Colour presence 1-3 years. 



By Antoaneta Zhekova

Lips micropigmentation procedures offer stunning improvements to the overall shape and colour of the lips and are the perfect, long-lasting solution for restoring lost lips contour and colour while correcting asymmetries. The most natural results can be achieved with the ‘full lips blush’ technique, while the ‘full lips colour’ will give  a solid lipstick look.

Colour fading up to 40 - 60% Colour presence 1-3 years.

Results last 2-3 years.


Annual colour boosts recommended.

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