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PhiContour Lips 

Lips are part of the strategy of any woman for seduction. With the help of micropigmentation ( semi-permanent tattoo) for lips, we can offer symmetry, shape and lips colour. The most outstanding Lip Stick Effect can be achieved with full shading pigmentation. These lips provide a breathtaking look. Full Shading Lips is the best technique for color-intensive and full lips with strong character. Of course, the lips could also be shaded in delicate nude tones.

A natural or intensive result can be achieved depending on the prerequisite for the natural pigmentation of the lips, the color selection and the intensity of the shading. Full Shading Lips need a maximum of 4 shading steps to achieve the absolute glamor effect. The outline is precisely defined with an invisible transition to shading. 

Full shading pigmentation is best suited for corrections and neutralizing disharmonies and asymmetries, as well as concealing small scars and color irregularities.

Duration of the procedure 3-4 hours. 
Colour fading up to 40 - 60% 
Colour presence 1-3 years. 



By Antoaneta Zhekova



A  Powder or Ombre Brow is a soft shading technique using a pmu machine to create the ultimate powdered effect as similar to applying a brow powder. The look can be as soft or as bold as you like as the pigment is gently built up in layers to achieve a soft pixilated powder effect. The ultimate powder brow is achieved with soft beginnings at the front, gradually building up a colour and defined shape.

As with all treatments, the first step will be a consultation. We will discuss your current brow shape and what you are looking to achieve. Then with conventional cosmetics we will design your ideal shape by drawing a template onto your brows. Before the treatment begins, a bespoke pigment colour is mixed to match your natural brow hair perfectly.  

We recommend touch up every 12-18 months with annual colour-boost.

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