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By Antoaneta Zhekova


Removing a permanent make up tattoo with a laser required an in-office procedure using Q-switch laser, which breaks up permanent tattoo ink within the skin. The procedure is dependent on the body`s immune and lymphatic system, which absorbs the ink molecules and removes them out from the body. Laser tattoo removal is simple, safe, and produces fantastic results. 



Has to be 4 - 8 weeks. Removing Ideally, the four to eight weeks waiting time between treatments will allow for complete healing. If the eyebrows tattooed area is still scabbed or visibly healig from the last laser treatment, it is beneficial to wait even longer. With proper tattoo removal aftercare and a non-sensitive skin type, waiting time between treatments could be minized. If scabs, scars, infection, sunburn, or pigmentation issues exist, the laser treatment should be postponed until the issue is resolved. 



In order to shorten skin recovery process,     SKIN CANDY AFTER LASER TREATMENT GEL is formulated. This gel has a cooling effect and is to be used for skin care after/between laser treatments. Optimum quantities of witch hazel, sea chamomile, aloe vera, ponthenol and tea tree essential oil hydrate and soothe the skin thus preventing swelling and redness. Tea tree essential oil is also used tipically for its antimicrobial effect. The ingredients of this rich complex are also known to stimulate regenerative processes that result in faster repair of skin barrier and stimulation of synthesis of collagen and stimulation of hyaluronic acid. This product should be applied on the treated skin region for the firs time 24 hours after treatment, and gently rubbed two times a day. Usage should be repeated for a least 10 days. 

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